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Cloud Migration

Traditional on-premise hardware servers can be costly and may not be equipped to manage modern applications as technology continues to evolve. On-premise servers need constant maintenance: component replacements and upgrades, damage protection, commercial air conditioning, location security, local network troubleshooting and staff system administration.

Cost of ownership for on-premise servers is simply very high and requires constant upkeep and upgrading. Operating system licenses and IT expenditures could be the highest costs for your entire company. Any company that has faced disaster situations such as building fires, earthquakes, or theft understands what it means to lose crucial data. Not every on-premise server has integrated backup or restoration capabilities, but it is highly considered for businesses that operate on-premise.

Cloud-based servers are becoming increasingly popular due to their multi-tenant infrastructure that allows complete customization and accessibility to end users through the internet. Access is completely secure, including VPN services and on-demand help services. Unlike on-premise servers, cloud-based servers eliminate licensing costs and remove upfront investments. Monthly payments make cloud-based server hosting seamless and cost-efficient.

When you’re migrating to the cloud, let our specialists help you build your migration strategy, assess your application portfolio, review your cost structure and identify the best-fit cloud platform for your needs. Whether you’re migrating to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, we have the certified specialists who can help make it a success.

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